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Welcome to my Weekly and Bi-weekly newsletter. I will email a PDF copy every Sunday for Tier 1 subscribers, and then another newsletter on Wednesday and Sunday for Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscribers. This is a unique newsletter where i will also cover my personal Technical Analysis and more. Each Tier provides different features to accommodate your trading and educational requirements :

Tier 1 : Tony's Heroes

- My 5 top Alt coin picks

- My Weekly major updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Tier 3 : Tony's Legends

- My 5 top Alt coin picks

- My Weekly major updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

- Newsletter sent out twice a week (You will get another update on the majors and more Altcoin setups and ideas on Wednesday)

- Your top 7 Alt coin requests (Send me a message on twitter @CryptoTony__ with your chosen Alts and i will choose the top 5 to update Sunday out of everyones requests)

- My personal help on educational questions you may have and i will answer as best i can

- Access to my Discord group. This group isn't a signals group, but an extension of the newsletter calls. I will also post my many other trade thoughts daily, as they arise. I will also update BTC, ETH and LTC daily as well as TA requests 

- (DM your discord name and email address for access to my Twitter account @CryptoTony__ ) 


Please remember anything contained in the newsletter and on the Discord is strictly my opinion and not financial advice. I am not a registered as a financial advisor and simply trade for fun. You take the trades at your own risk, and please do your due diligence on any asset before trading it ! Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and risky to trade. Only invest money you can afford to loose ! I take no responsibility for any losses incurred and the trades i post are strictly my opinion only and not financial advise. The trades i disclose in the newsletter and Discord are for educational purposes only and 95% of traders actually loose money. I am not a financial advisor and simply do this for fun, and so please take nothing i say as financial advice. 

Any reproduction or copying found of the newsletter or content in Discord, by any member, will carry a permanent ban ! Any disrespect or abuse directed towards me or others will also results in a permanent ban !


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